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Life Map Business Program offers youth the knowledge and tools needed to start and grow a business from the ground up. Register HERE! 

About Our Programs

  • Life Map Business Program

    • This 8 week online course takes youth from idea to real world business. We cover the basics of building and launching a business and offer long term support for graduates. 

  • Peer Support Meeting (Administrative Assistance)

    • When our youth started asking for a place they could speak to and solve problems among themselves, we answered the call by providing digital space, professional partnerships and funding for Peer Leads.

              Interested in finding a group for you or your youth? Call (206)569-5153

  • On Site Childcare for Special Events

    • This is our original wheelhouse. We come to your event and provide activities to keep the little ones occupied. This service is currently on pause for Covid-19 safety. ​

  • Love All Day Book

    • This daily family poetry book was written for families to read, memorize and recite together. The poems center healthy routines and mindfulness for families in an approachable ​and transformative way. 

About Our Founder

I'm Ms. Angel and in 2013 I was a mom who wanted to engage in community building with a bubbling 3 year old in tow. I quickly realized that was more of a dream than a plan. There was an equity gap for other parents like me and I set about closing it. I started Angel's Royal Academy which has had the great honor of providing onsite childcare for  community engagement events for nearly a decade around the Salish Sea in Washington State. I also shortened the name to A Royal Academy to stay humble. 

Over the years I also professionally consulted many organizations to help them be more accountable, organized and efficient. This experience coupled with my passion for youth development led to the Life Map Business Program. We are funded through the King County Best Starts for Kids Grant and hope to expand the program to other counties in the near future. 

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